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Gum Acacia

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Mainland Gum Acacia also known as Gum Arabic is a natural gum. It is made of hardened sap from two species of acacia tree. It is used in making a ground material for sealing the wood and is used in food as a stabiliser.

* Varnishes
* Pharmaceutical ingredient
* Lithographic Ink
* Paint production
* Glue
* Binder for water colour painting.

Solid crystal .
Thinning & Clean up - Water

Gum Arabic is used as a binder for water-colour painting because it dissolves easily in water. Pigment of any colour is
suspended in the acacia gum to get in water-colour paint. Water acts as a vehicle to thin the water-colour paint and helps
to transfer the paint to a surface such as paper. When all moisture evaporates, the acacia gum binds the pigment to the
paper surface. After the water evaporates, the acacia gum in the paint film increases luminosity and helps prevent the
colours from lightening. Gum Arabic allows more precise control over washes, because it prevents them from flowing or
bleeding beyond the brush stroke. In addition, acacia gum slows evaporation of water, giving slightly longer working time.
Photography[change | change source]
The historical photography process used gum Arabic mixed with ammonium or potassium dichromate and pigment to
create a coloured photographic emulsion that becomes relatively insoluble in water upon exposure to ultraviolet light. In the
final print, the acacia gum permanently binds the pigments onto the paper.

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exacting standards. As, however, the effectiveness of each product depends in part upon correct methods of application
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