Mainland Hydropel

Mainland Hydropel

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Hydropel is a clear exterior water repellent coating which protects concrete, stone and masonry surfaces, whilst maintaining their natural look. Hydropel penetrates deep into concrete and masonry surfaces to create a permanent hydrophobic bond. It can be used on a wide range of masonry surfaces including concrete tilt slab and block, roughcast and natural and synthetic stone.


Concrete, Roughcast, Summerhill Stone, Oamaru Stone, Lime Sandstones, Block Walls, Natural and Synthetic Stones, Mineral Paintings and Asbestos Cement.


Contains Siloxane Active ingredient
Appearance - Colourless liquid.
Specific Gravity - 0.800 approx. 25oC
Viscosity - Approx. 3mm2/S
Dry Time - 24 Hours (then test if required)
Flash Point - 39oC Ignition Temperature - +270oC
Clean up: White Spirits

Sizes: 20L, 4L, 1L