Mainland Oxalic Acid

Mainland Oxalic Acid

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Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is excellent for removing rust stains or old varnish stains in timber.  Oxalic Acid is also used for wood bleaching when a mild bleaching agent is desired. Bleaching generally lightens the colour of the wood or makes the colouring more uniform.  

Oxalic Acid should be used hot and at 80 -120gms per litre of hot water.
For spot stains (ie.rust or nail marks) liberally coat the surface with hot Oxalic mixture, leave until stain has disappeared or reapply to obtain a reduction in stain intensity.
For a general bleaching application one coat liberally applied should be sufficient.
Wash down any bleached articles thoroughly with quantities of running water at end of application to neutralize.
Allow object to dry naturally before completing any other finishing work.


Sizes: 1kg, 500g