Mainland Pave Seal

Mainland Pave Seal

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Pave Seal

Pave seal is an exterior sealer ideal for exposed aggregate driveways and paths. This sealer is a solvent-borne acrylic glaze which provides excellent durability, U.V. protection and dirt resistance to exterior concrete surfaces. Pave seal can be applied clear providing a glossy film finish or if a colour is required a range of tint packs are available. This sealer can also be applied to brick, coloured concrete, concrete tiles, pressed Concrete and stone. 

Vehicle Type - Methacrylate Co-polymer
Solids - 24%
Solvent - Aromatic
Finish - Can vary according substrate porosity - Gloss to Semi Gloss.
Dry Time - 30 mins (regular traffic 4 hours)
Spray Recoat - Immediate (wet on wet) for spray only.
Theoretical coverage - Varies according to pattern profile on concrete. (approx. 8 sq. m/litre to give 25 microns dry film)
Usual number of coats - 2
Chemical Resistance - Good
Abrasion Resistance - Good
Solvent Resistance - Poor
Heat Resistance - Thermoplastic

Clean Up:  Xylol or Sealer Reducer

Size: 20L

Coloured tintpacks are available as an extra item.

 Standard colours include.

  • Grey Friar
  • Bluestone,
  • Terracotta,
  • Charcoal,
  • Grey Seis,
  • Grey Ironsand,
  • Sandstone,
  • Black,
  • Barley.