Mainland Sealer Reducer

Mainland Sealer Reducer

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Sealer Reducer

Sealer Reducer can also be used to clean apparatus which has been in contact with a wide range of paints and coatings. Sealer Reducer is used as a reducer for Cob Glaze or Pave Seal Sealer.

Reduce Cob Glaze or Pave Seal with the sealer reducer between 10% - 20% to aid penetration of concrete surfaces. Add slowly while stirring until thoroughly mixed.

Appearance - Clear colourless liquid.
Odour - Strong, aromatic odour.
Boiling Point - 138-143oC.
Solubility in water - < 1 % w/w
Flash Point - 41oC
Specific Gravity - 0.875 Explosive Limits 0.8 - 7

Sizes: 20L, 4L, 1L


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