Mainland Teak Wax 125gm

Mainland Teak Wax 125gm

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Teak Wax is a high quality wax, which is all natural and food safe. It is ideal for wooden utensils, food preparation areas and children’s toys. Teak wax will impart a soft satin finish that enhances the natural colour of the timber. It is easy to apply and maintain.


Surface preparation.
Sand the timber with 180-240 grit (or finer) sand paper. Alternatively finish with 0000 steel wool for finest satin finish.
Ensure surface is dry and free from dust, dirt and grease.

Timber treatment.
Teak Wax can be applied with a soft cloth or a fine steel wool pad. Rub the first application with even circular strokes along the grain.
A second and third application should be applied with soft cloth and then lightly buffed with a lint free cotton cloth. Lathe application can be achieved using a 0000 steel wool pad containing Teak Wax.

Teak Wax will not prevent the timber surface from marking with hot water or alcoholic drinks. It is recommended that heat resistant mats be used on tables prepared with Teak Wax .

Sizes: 125gm

Suitable for interior use only.